Sunday, December 27, 2020

I've Been Away

 Okay, not technically away. I've been away from blogging.  Life has been different around my house.

My daughter and her husband and my two grandkids have come to stay here. They've been here since the weekend after Thanksgiving. Our little house of two newly retired people has become crazy/loud/busy/messy/fun/amazing these past few weeks.

Backstory: My daughter followed my son in law to England when he got a job there like 7 years ago. They married and had my first grandchild in the UK. Then his job brought him to Southern California 3 years ago, and they had their second daughter. He's a lead artist in the gaming industry.  His studio shut down in the beginning of 2020, so he took an East coast job and that leads us to now.  They are actively looking for a house, but until then, crazy chaos filled with love is what we are having in this house. 

I'll try to come back more often, now that we are all settling in to this new quarantined craziness. 

And for this post, I'll pop in later today for a knitting update.


Here's some knitting:

First off, I finished this cowl. Reggie is just dying to lie on it and soak up its comfy vibes. Pattern is Over the River.

This little munchkin wanted a scarf. She told me her favorite color is "pink sparkly", so that's what I used. 

And her sister reaped the benefits of left-over yarn.

I was listening to knitting podcasts, and Needles At The Ready is one of my favorites. They mentioned this hat pattern, which they knit for  the kids in their family. It's called Barley from Tin Can Knits. It comes in a lot of sizes from baby to adult, and is a quick knit.

The other day, I decided to do some Christmas knitting. And by Christmas knitting, I mean knitting for next Christmas. Clearly, I missed the boat on doing it this year. So, I've been knitting up some little stocking ornaments. I'll keep this up until I have a ton of them and then figure out if I want to make garlands, or just a loop for hanging individually. No pattern, I just downsized a basic vanilla sock with a longer cuff(about 3 1/2 inches cuff to heel).

See you soon!