Monday, May 2, 2022


 It's spring here in Maryland. That means Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. That means flowers. That means actual leaves on trees. Tree frogs singing. Fresh air coming into the house in light breezes. Can you tell that I'm ready for it? 

Mr. Tree Frog came out of his winter slump and made an appearance on my bench outside.

There has been knitting. I found this sock yarn in my stash, and felt that it was appropriate for spring. Haven't finished the second one yet.

Our biggest news is our new family member. We wanted to add another dog to our family. My husband (and I) really wanted to get a rescue this time. We had specific needs when it came to rescues. It would have to get along with other dogs, both young and old. It would have to be good with a cat. It would have to be good with small children. It would have to be housebroken. This dog filled all these needs! He lived in a foster home with a small child and two cats. He is super chilled out and has no problem with other animals. He's completely housebroken. 

So, meet Asher! He and Reggie come in from outside exhausted every day from tussling and playing. It's exactly the scenario that we were looking for. He's so sweet and knows several commands. He has found his forever home with us, and we couldn't be more pleased. 

Happy spring, everyone!

Sunday, March 13, 2022


 It's been over a year since I've posted anything on here. I probably don't have any more followers or readers. But, here I am. Lots has changed in the last year. I lost four very good friends. Unbelievably, none to Covid. Cancer and other ailments took my friends. All four were from different parts of my life. College, young parenthood, recent life. I have moved through the grief like swimming through molasses. Still grieving, but living my life and being grateful for so many things.

What else? Oh, we moved! My house that I lived in for over 30 years was put on the market, and we bought another that is OUR house. I loved my previous house. But I lived in it with a former spouse for most of my time there. After I married again, a relative suggested that we get a new house and start fresh. I wasn't ready at first. I really made my former home my own, and then I met my current husband. I wanted to enjoy all of the personal changes that I made to the home before moving. But it was time. And now I love our new house.

Knitting? Oh yes, there's been lots of that. Here are a few things...

Last one was for my daughter. She saw someone wearing it at a fall festival, and asked where the person bought it. She told her she knit it, and told here where the pattern could be found. So, of course I knit one for her. There have been a few other sweaters, baby blankets, socks various things knit in the last year. But these are a few. Happy belated New Year to whoever is still here. I'll try to come back soon!