Sunday, March 13, 2022


 It's been over a year since I've posted anything on here. I probably don't have any more followers or readers. But, here I am. Lots has changed in the last year. I lost four very good friends. Unbelievably, none to Covid. Cancer and other ailments took my friends. All four were from different parts of my life. College, young parenthood, recent life. I have moved through the grief like swimming through molasses. Still grieving, but living my life and being grateful for so many things.

What else? Oh, we moved! My house that I lived in for over 30 years was put on the market, and we bought another that is OUR house. I loved my previous house. But I lived in it with a former spouse for most of my time there. After I married again, a relative suggested that we get a new house and start fresh. I wasn't ready at first. I really made my former home my own, and then I met my current husband. I wanted to enjoy all of the personal changes that I made to the home before moving. But it was time. And now I love our new house.

Knitting? Oh yes, there's been lots of that. Here are a few things...

Last one was for my daughter. She saw someone wearing it at a fall festival, and asked where the person bought it. She told her she knit it, and told here where the pattern could be found. So, of course I knit one for her. There have been a few other sweaters, baby blankets, socks various things knit in the last year. But these are a few. Happy belated New Year to whoever is still here. I'll try to come back soon!