Saturday, November 28, 2020


 Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. I hope that you all stayed safe. We had my son here, but we were blessed with weather in the low 70's and we ate outside at a distance. I made all the trimmings. This year, I kept the turkey simple. I usually use Martha Stewart's "Turkey 101" recipe, which is foolproof. This year, I tried Pioneer woman's turkey recipe. You just cook it on a lower temp for hours, then rub it with minced rosemary(fresh cut from the garden!) orange peel and a stick of butter and turn the heat up. It was SO good! It made the best gravy.

My daughter and family are in town, awaiting their Covid test results before moving in with us for a while. They moved from California by a slow trek in their car. They're staying in a hotel until the tests prove negative, just as a precaution.

Here's a belated home treasure. In the process of clearing out some stuff under the guest room bed, I found a small box of old family tin types and this old Christmas card of sorts. The people who are mentioned in it are long gone. I thought that it was so sweet.

Unopened, this little book is only 4 inches by 3 inches. So it's very hard to determine if the little painting is an original or a print. It looks to me to be original watercolor.

I believe that Carrie was my great great grandmother. But there may be other Carries in my family. I will have to investigate that one. I have plenty of family records to look through to determine that one.

Have a good weekend, and stay safe!


  1. Cards certainly were a lot fancier back in the day. That one is beautiful. I love the lettering inside. So elegant.

  2. What a beautiful card. It will be fun to know if it is your great, great grandmother.
    I hope the tests are negative and all will be well with the move. That turkey sounds delicious.

  3. Hello,

    The old Christmas card is a treasure, it is a great find. I hope everyone is well and staying virus free. Take care, enjoy your new week!

  4. That is a lovely card. For some reason I've kept one of all the cards I've sent out over the years in a box with my Christmas ornaments. I loved going back and looking at them when I got the stuff out to put up the tree. I haven't put one up in ages and I most likely won't this year either because of the mess.

  5. Oh, so close to have grands in your arms! Praying for things to transition well. The family treasure sure is a treasure--just beautiful!

  6. I hope your daughter's family tests all prove to be negative.

    I love that treasure.